Stage Lighting Design

Ektagraphic Super 8mm Movie Camera

My stagecraft interest, in particular, was in lighting design. I felt it might be useful in a career in film. During my two years at MCC, I was lighting director on six productions, including "Canterbery Tales", and assisted on several others. Lighting director was an extremely challenging job, especially with the faulty lighting system they had at the time. With not enough working circuits, I often had to recable the lighting board between acts. The fun part was creating magical special FX, like casting the shadows of jail bars on a scene to create the feeling of a prison with no real bars, shining a light through a stained glass window to create colors on a scene, and using camera strobes to simulate explosions in a battle scene. There was a lot of work involved to be able to pull off the correct timing of the light cues for each show night.

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