MusicWorks & VideoWorks

First 35mm Camera

One of the very first software packages for thes Macintosh 128K, was Macromind's MusicWorks, released by Hayden Software in 1984. It was a nifty little sequencer, although the sound from the Mac left a lot to be desired. I had a Yamaha DX11 synth and bought a midi connector for the Mac, so I could control the synth with the MusicWorks program, giving many more sonic options to play with.

In 1985, Hayden released Macromind's VideoWorks. VideoWorks was the first animation program for the Mac128K. It was only B&W, and 2D, but was still great fun to play with. I was finally able to create animations on my computer! Videoworks would eventually become Adobe Director.

The years between the Mac launch in 1984 and 1986 were pretty lean in terms of software programs to run on it. I was pretty content however, with just MacWrite, MacPaint, MusicWorks and VideoWorks, especially once I got my first print scanner in 1985, called the ThunderScanner.

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