Megavision Proposal


With the combined announcement of the Mac II, Pagemaker and in 1987, QuarkXpress, desktop publishing was looking to be a huge market. Additionally, Zenith had announced their flat tension mask monitor which made video tubes with nearly flat front faces and there was talk of touch screen monitors on the horizon.

Another attempt at convincing EPD that digital was the future was needed, as the last didn't result in a course correction. My Megavision proposal combined more potential products with the Mac II and a Zenith monitor to create more of a systems approach to offering a total image editing/page layout solution. However, EPD was still looking at the television as the place people would do this. The PhotoCD program emblemized their approach. I was offering a digital product strategy on the assumption there would be personal computers in every home in a few years. While they were using projections of future video standards out into the 2000's+. In real time, I saw computer monitors increasing in size and resolution faster than any changes in broadcast television standards would ever happen. HDTV was released in 2007, twenty years later.

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