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Apparently, word of my Photoshop creations had gotten around upper management. The president of Consumer Products, Pete Palermo, asked If I could help them with a new project for Disney called ImageMagic. The basic concept was to photograph visitors to DisneyWorld against a "green" screen, so that they could be digitally merged into one of any number of scenic shots of the park or with it's characters.

Another member of my team, Daryl, was working on a way to capture photographs of Disney visitors on Splash Mountain, at the same time.

They wanted me to mockup the concept in Photoshop, and supplied me with a few digital scenic files of the park, and a horribly lit image of a family, not taken in front of a green screen. The photo was blown out up where their heads were. I spent most of the time trying to clean up the family image, as I recall. I sent feedback regarding how to better light the scene and use a green screen. In the end, I made a series of sample images for them, some promotional prints (from our unannounced XL7700 color thermal printer). They also asked if I could create a logo for Image Magic, which had the two words one above the other with square "pixels" missing from some of the letters and other pixels floating between the two words, in yellow and red of course. I was quite surprised a bit later, one evening while exiting Elmgrove, to see a truck in the lot with my Image Magic logo plastered on the side.

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