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In the spring of 1990, Mark Henry dropped by my new lab and asked if I was ready to move to Maine. Apparently, he HAD taken my idea for a digital photography facility to his boss, Ray DeMoulin. Ray loved it, and decided to build his own facility in Camden. Mark asked me to spec out an equipment list for the new facility, and oh by the way, Pro Photo is going to hire you and promote you to a professional grade level. Finally, it only took ten years.

The CCI facility was way beyond the simple digital lab I'd envisioned. Ray got in trouble for overspending, among other scandals. Mark resigned as director and told me not to go to CCI. It opened in 1991 and closed in 1993. I never did get to work there. Instead of going to Maine, I went to the Marketing Education Center, back to where I started at Kodak. This time I would have a large lab known as the L-309 Digital Lab. I was able to create my own mini CCI setup, and I'd be teaching sales reps, basic digital imaging. And later "How to Use Aldus Persuasion".

Training reps was a hard job. Most had never even used a computer or mouse before. So, I really had to start with the basics. Some reps were not interested in learning the new technology. About two years was about all I could take. I missed trouble shooting and solving system issures. I decided to transfer to MTS (Marketing Technical Support), as the XL7700 and thermal printing expert.

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