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Eagle & Crows in the snow

3D Scene, Rendered in Poser Pro 2014

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I've started a GoFundMe drive to raise money to add some high tech tools to my studio. I'd like to offer access to these tools to the members of the contemporary art group to which I belong, as well as other artists in the Rochester area interested in exploring, learning and collaborating on projects using these tools. I've already ordered the first device and expect delivery within the next two months. That first tool is a 3D scanner/digitizer for converting real world objects into their digital equivalents. I'd also like to add a 3D printer, and have found one, in a UV curable resin printer. Just recently, I ran across a pen plotter that can print on just about anything and do calligraphy, drawing and much more. I think it could become an invaluable tool to the group for things like posters, labels for artwork, invitations, name cards, etc. The last tool I plan to add is a table top router/milling machine. Another way to output digital creations in wood or metal.

I would really appreciate any donation, no matter how small, to help complete my goal of creating a high tech resource for Rochester area artists. Please Help Out!

Here is a link to my GoFundMe Campaign "Digital Tools for Artists".

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