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Click on a Thumbnail to view an Animated GIF of the 3D views. To Move through the Gallery without returning to this "Thumbnail Page",
use the "Previous" and "Next" links on each of the artwork pages. Clicking on the Figures & Fantasy Gallery link, like that seen above,
will return you Here. The "Previous" and "Next" Links on the "Thumbnail Pages" will take you to the next or previous Gallery.
Give the animated GIF's a bit of time to fully load. these are much larger, more detailed renditions than I previously had posted.
The Night Stalker Mainetage 3D Lenticular Birds of a Feather... 3D Lenticular
Not a Creature was Stirring 3D Lenticular Desert Aquarium 3D Lenticular Style Assassin 3D Lenticular
Kodak Product Development Process 3D Lenticular Nude on Red Chaise 3D Lenticular Prime Time shrine 3D Lenticular
Waiting for Dad Process 3D Lenticular Desert My World at Nine Months 3D Lenticular Out Thay Uh 3D Lenticular

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