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"Dragon Castle Isle" - 2013 - 3D Lenticular Transparency

Actual Stereo Views Used to Create 3D Image

Not A Creature Was Stirring? 3D Animation

"Dragon Castle Isle" - 2013

14"w x 20"h image in 21.5"w x 27.5"h x 3.5" LED Backlit Display Sculpture with Integral 5300 Degree K LED Light Panel
Dragon Castle Isle 3d in modern display in fantasia with gray surround

"Dragon Castle Isle" in Art Deco Trim Display in Black Fantasia

3D Open Edition Transparency Version

Display Trim Style
Trim Color
Acrylic Surround Color

Price: $2199
Edition of Twenty-five (25)

Number Available: 25

"Dragon Castle Isle" - 2013

Built around a great piece of modeling by digital modeler, Stonemason, several dragons fly around the skies, while a ship wreck and skeleton lie in the water below.

I feel that "Dragon Castle Isle" has the potential to be one of my more popular 3D pieces, so I'm trying something new. I'm offering it as an open edition, it is also available as a print or transparency without the display. I've significanlty lowered prices on both versions, with or without LED backlit display.

Multi-Dimensional Display Portal

Displayed in the photo above is the first of my Multi-Dimensional Display Portals, Modern style trim (in Black Fantasia) and a gray acrylic surround. I also have some Art Deco displays as you can see below (LED panel not shown). The transparency is mounted on the front of the acrylic surround with a color coordinated bezel made from Corian. A super bright, 5300 Degrees K, 8mm thin, LED panel is also mounted under the bezel, brilliantly illuminating the transparency.

Art Deco Frame

Made almost exclusively of acrylic materials, the image surround and corner trims are made using solid surface countertop materials. The final colors I've chosen are a bone white, a mid gray granite and a black granite-like material with fine white & multicolor specs. For an additional fee we will try to match the trim colors to solid surface materials of your choice. Subject to availability of material for your selected color.

If you would like a quote on a custom LED backlight display, please send me an email with the size & number you need. Available with or without corner trims. There is a design fee in addition to material costs for custom sizes other than the two current sizes of 20" x 14" portrait or landscape or the 20" x 10" Cine format.

3D Print or Transparency Version without LED Backlit Display (in mylar sleeve).
Select Print or Transparency

Price: $650.00

Open Edition

3D Prints or Transparencies of "Dragon Castle" in mylar sleeve.

A Three Dimensional Transparency or Reflective Print, Printed by the Artist with Lyson Pigment Inks on Epson DisplayTrans Material for Longevity. Includes 3D image only, without a "Multi-Dimensional Display Portal" backlit display.

The print or transparency comes in a mylar sleeve for protection. The transparency version is printed with nearly twice the density as the print version, but can be used either as a print or transparency, with the proper illumination.

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welcome photography 3d lenticular art desk designs products digital history links

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