Lenticular Effects 4.1
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The Virtua 3D module:

The astounding power of Lenticular Effects is in the Virtua 3D module. Virtua 3D can read layered Photoshop .psd files allowing you to place visual elements on each layer that then can be manipulated in depth. But that's not all, now you can use grayscale layers (_MAP layers) to map the depth within each layer. This allows you to create realistic volumetric effects and have continuous looking depth from background to foreground. This eliminates the cardboard cutout-like layered depth you typically see.

Photoshop Layers Palette with MAP grayscale layers.

Also new to Virtua 3d is support for sequential frames within your layered image. Using _SEQ layers you can do effects such as 2D/3D, volumetric depth, flips, animations, morphs, and more.

Virtua 3D Module Screen Capture

Virtua 3D Features

Reads and interprets gray displacement maps embedded into layered Photoshop PSD files with _MAP extension. For creating and applying true 3D volumetric effects from 2D layered files, allowing full control over displacement down to single pixel level, displacement by layer and displacement by full composition.
Reads and interprets Sequential frames, embedded into layered Photoshop PSD files with _SEQ extension, for multi combination effects within a single Photoshop PSD file, such as 2D/3D, volumetric 3D with flip, animation etc. To create stunning composite effects.
Depth checker function, to generate a series of small Virtua 3D interlace files, printable for evaluating and selecting the optimum desired amount of displacement.
Shift bleed function provides valuable information, as to the amount of bleed required to add to original frames, taking into account the amount of positive and negative displacement. So you can be sure that when rendered, Virtua 3D frames and cropped, you do not cut in to the live image area.
Preview prior to render.
File Selection by small and large thumbnails.
Work in inches, cm and mm

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