Lenticular Effects 4.1
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Interlace Module:
Updated for Version 3

The Interlace Module is where you prepare your files for printing. Interlacing is the process by which the multiple layers or files that create your depth, motion or flip image are sliced up to be aligned under each lenticule of your lens material.

Closeup of Interlaced Print Illustration

Interlace Module Screen Capture

Interlacer Features

Select single or group selection of files. By name, small or large thumbnails.
Interlace for horizontal or vertical lens. New dedicated horizontal interlacing algorithm provides accuracy, rather than just rotating the source image files.
Mirror image, flips the rendered images for reverse printing if required.
Improved pitch registration border for higher accuracy of alignment, permits the border to be printed left, right or center of lens.
Keep track of what you have done, by appending footnote image information to your interlaced image files.
Microcalibration alignment to exactly adjust the real number of lenses per inch with a one thousandth of an lpi precision.

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