Aldus Pagemaker

First 35mm Camera

In 1986, Aldus released Pagemaker 1.0 software. This meant desktop publishing was becoming a reality. I was already doing it using multiple drawing and writing software tools, but now it had a name and specific software for combining type, images & graphics. This was a huge opportunity for Kodak, or so I thought. There was going to be a need for ways to get images onto pages. From scanners at first, eventually digital cameras, digital storage, digital transmission and digital output devices, all could come from Kodak.

I determined to learn this new software and to use it to introduce Kodak to desktop publishing. Like stated earlier, in the mid 1980's Kodak relied mostly on pen/pencil on paper documentation (sometimes in triplicate) for proposals, timelines, protocol & requirements documents, etc. (although if they had a secretary, they might be typed). The only thing I was missing was some tools to create or digitize photos (other than my ThunderScanner). My supervisor, gave me a budget to spend on new digital equipment, so I started ordering video digitizers and early scanners to play with. I was hoping for better drawing tools besides MacPaint and MacDraw. I would eventually be given a small room for my own lab space and tasked with buying new imaging hardware and software, playing with it, and reporting on it. What a dream job!

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