MacPaint (and MacWrite)


What amazing tools MacPaint and MacWrite were for me. With the use of a mouse I could finally write and draw without the pain that accompanied holding a brush, pencil or pen. My job in the QA lab was only aggravating the pain. Repetitive actuating of 110 cameras (wind, click, wind, click, repeat...) or photographing 15 scenes with 300+ Disc cameras a night, (which had to be placed in a fixture with a clamp one by one) became so painful, I had to take occassional breaks to run my hands under warm water until I could use them some more.

Now, for the first time, I could express myself with drawing using MacPaint. MacPaint would be just the first in a long line of software drawing/editing tools I would test or use in the coming years. It was at this point I also realizd, that if I could edit a scanned B&W image at the pixel level, the tools for color photography on the computer were just around the corner, maybe happening at Kodak? Meanwhile, I had to do something about the tedious work in the lab, and if the work weren't hard enough on your hands, the reports to the engineers had to be hand written, in triplicate using carbon paper, no mistakes or crossouts allowed. There must be an easier way!

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