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By 1990 I was considered Kodak's top Mac specialist, and within the several divisions I'd done work for, I became known as the "Mac Guru".

As a key contact with the Apple representatives in Rochester, I attended events at their office and was hosted at a race in Watkins Glen. They always did a first class job. I admired Steve Jobs and the attention to detail that he insisted on. Borrowing from his user interface standards I tried to apply them to the products I designed.

While I was in San francisco in late 1989, the local Kodak rep, Debbie, arranged a visit to Apple for me. In addition to the main campus, we visited several smaller buildings spread across many office parks at the time, and I met engineers working on various projects. Quite an exciting experience for me. Debbie also wanted to introduce me to a San Francisco photographer, who she thought could be my brother from another mother. And she was right, ground breaking digital photographer extroaordinaire Steve Johnson and I hit it off immediatley and have been good friends ever since.

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Me in the Apple Race Car