Zaxys Depth & Motion Imaging


After I left Kodak, my colleague, Gerry and another partner formed a company to try to fill the gap left by the closure of Dynamic Imaging. We had a client list and had lined up other lenticular printers, however, the second day of business was 9/11/2001.

The advertising business really tightened their belts after that, and for several years there was no business to be found. My partners left around 2004 or so and I continued to run the business. Business was starting to pick up, as I made some connections with larger printing outfits, like National Graphics & Softmotion. Then, in 2009, the recession hit. I had to close Zaxys.

In 2012, I founded 3D Wizardry and Peter J. Sucy Digital Arts. The first for commercial 3D imaging work, and the other for my fine art 3D work. With commercial 3D jobs few and far between, I focused less on 3D Wizardry, and more on creating 3D images for myself and selling my own work via local galleries.

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