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First 35mm Camera

In 1975, I finally completed my AS degree at MCC. and was accepted as a transfer to RIT's School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. Originally, I had enrolled into the Professional Photography program, but by the end of the second year I was sure I didn't want to end up working in a studio shooting products. I transferred to the Photo Illustration program which widened the scope of classes I could take, in addition to film and animation. Design, Art History and Human Perception being among them.

The cost of tuition, living expenses and photo materials required me to find a better paying job. Luckily, I found a summer job working at the Kodak Marketing Education Center, which was halfway between where I was living and RIT. At the end of the summer I asked if I could stay on through the school year. Kodak would pay for most of my tuition, however, I had to work full time evenings and attend school during the day. I completed my BFA in 1980.

A bit of a side note here regarding the Kodak Marketing Education Center, my father, Jim, helped establish the Marketing Education Center in 1971 and was it's first director. I would work here at three different times during my career.

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MEC Article
MEC Article

Kodak Marketing Educaition Center Riverwood
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