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I don't remember exactly how I found out about it, maybe a letter from the Photoshop beta program, but they wanted images created in Photoshop for a contest called, Digital Masters. I sent about a half dozen of my early works and was surprised to find out I was selected. Also, my work "Photoflo", would appear in the "Digital Masters" show at the Ansel Adams Gallery, in San Francisco, during MacWorld.

Fortunately, I was able to attend the opening. Photoflo was well received. Many notables in digital photography were there. Graham Nash said he "loved" my work, and had helped print it for the show. Graham, Stephen Johnson, Katrin Eismann, Bert Monroy, Rick Smolan and many others were among the first Adobe Photoshop Digital Masters. Adobe was creating a Digital Masters CD-ROM with the artwork of all the artists works. It was part of the Adobe Photoshop 3.0 Deluxe Version. A few more of the works that were on the CD are below.

The image was also licensed to a couple magazines over the next few years, including in a feature on my art in he Kodak Publication "More Slides". The image "Mendon Drain" below, was also in "More Slides" and it appeared in several newspapers in Fort Wayne, IN where I was having my first showing of my digital work. Thanks to a student of one of my "Digital Photography" workshops at Palm Beach Workshops, who was an art professor in Fort Wayne.

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Patent Award

Mendon Drain - 1991
Patent Award

Maine-tage - 1990
Patent Award

Digital Photographer - 1992