Patent #5164831

Digital AV WS

Back in 1988, when I wrote the patent for a method of creating thumbnails as you wrote an image to a RAM card (or miniHD), I had no idea how far it would reach.

In 1992, I got word that the patent Rich had encouraged me to write had finally been approved. It was titled "Electronic Still Camera Providing Multi-Format Storage of Full and Reduced Resolution Images". Basically, this is the method images are previewed on the screen of your digital camera, or camera phone. When I wrote the patent, I was told I needed to have an engineer as co-author, because technicians weren't allowed to write patents. So, I had to split the puny award with the engineer. It was not worth the effort, but Kodak made millions from other camera companies with that patent.

After I left Kodak, I was asked to testify for a case challenging the patent which Kodak won. Kodak won. Today, the patent has expired, but is used everywhere you capture a digital photo.

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