Mac Office Proposal

First 35mm Camera

By 1985, I had finally had an offer of a new position. The advanced development group of Consumer Electronics needed a color printing expert, however QA was holding up my transfer. Apparently, I was so valuble to the night shift they couldn't find a replacement.

In the meantime, I thought I had an excellent solution to the colossal waste of labor and paper in the lab. I wrote a suggeston to put Mac computers on all the technicians' desks, integrate the test equipment to output to the Macs, connect the Macs using an Appletalk network and then connect the lab to the computer network in the engineering area. This would allow reports to be filled out automatically by test equipment and reports could be written using MacWrite templates and sent electronically to the engineering department. It was a great idea, my supervisor rejected. However, I found out later that immediately after the two years when suggestions expire, my former manager submitted my proposal and received a very nice reward. It wasn't the first time that happened, nor the last. Probably one reason change at Kodak was so slow.

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