Eastman Kodak Company

First 35mm Camera

While the evening job as a "maintenance technician" was ok while I was going to school, I was now married and owned a home. Running off to LA to work as a cinematographer wasn't in the cards, so I decided to see where my degree would take me at Kodak. In my off hours I would work at building a reputation as a nature photographer and printer. I really did not want a full time job as a photographer at Kodak, since most end up working exclusively in the studio or a darkroom. I wanted to preserve my photography as a ritual that I enjoyed and I feared doing it everyday would ruin it for me.

In 1980, I applied for a transfer based on my new degree. I was informed that because my BFA was not a BS (bachelor of science) degree, I wasn't eligible for a professional position at Kodak. Even though I took pretty much the same classes. They offered me a position in the Consumer Products Quality Assurance Lab at Elmgrove Plant, as a photographic technician. I accepted because it paid more than anyplace else in Rochester could have offered. I figured it was temporary, only until I made a name for myself as a photographer. I was wrong.

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Kodak Elmgrove Plant Building !

Kodak Elmgrove Plant Building One