Animated Chess Movie

Ektagraphic Super 8mm Movie Camera

My senior year of high school, I took a film class. I made a stop motion chess game set to the "Blue Danube Waltz" for one project. I'd set up a chess board in the family living room with some lights. And shot frame by frame a chess game, moving each piece a fraction of an inch at a time. Each piece had a distinctive way of moving Bishops twirled, Knights popped from square to square and so on. The animated pieces had balletic feel and matched the music well, even though I hadn't planned it that way. It won First Place in an International Film Festival in Wilson, NY. Granted, only the US and Canada were represented.

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Ektaggrahic M6 Super 8mm Movie Camera
Ektaggrahic M6 Super 8mm Movie Camera

Unfortunately, I don't have a video of the original movie. This is a chess set I designed and 3D printed.