"Split Screen" - the Movie

First 35mm Camera

The last year at RIT I had two classes, advanced filmmaking and art history. The film class was nine credits and would count heavily in my GPA. A team of us decided to produce a 23min Twighlight Zone like episode, based on a script written by former student. I was the primary cinematographer on the film. It was a very ambitious project since most films produced for the class were only a few minutes long.

Shot in and around Rochester, the film tells the story of an aspiring filmmaker who buys an antique Kodak 16mm camera at a pawn shop. After shooting a few rolls he discovers a woman who appears in the footage and wasn't there when he shot it. He discovers he's able to walk into the projection of the film on his wall and become part of her B&W world, but she's elusive. And it's she who has the last laugh.

Although we had all the footage shot and sound recorded, we were not able to complete the film before the end of the school year. We had a few minutes edited which we presented as our final project. We all got A's. Chet, the director on the film, took the film to Cleveland to finish editing and produce a nice score for the film.

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