3D Printing

Dynamic Immaging

As you can see, if you're viewing the original art piece, 3D printing is my new medium. I like new mediums, lots of room to explore where few have been before, and I've just begun. Using the same 3D software that I used to create 3D lenticular images, I can now output real 3D objects. It's like the 1st generation of the Star Trek "replicator". If you can imagine it, you can make it.

This piece represents a huge amount of work. For one it's my largest at 64 tiles, just the flat part of each tile takes a minimum of a little more than 4 hours to print, not counting the various parts on top. Second, it's the first time I've combined multiple colors on a tile. And third and fourth, not only was the design work more difficult, then I had to build this interpretive website to explain it. I hope you enjoy it!

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