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"Mind over Matter (in 3D)" show @ The Geisel Gallery

Show poster

Gallery Hall

Gallery HallGallery2
PreVisualizationMendon Drain
Digital PhotographerPIeces
Kodak Product Planning ProcessWaiting for Dad
Smoke and MirrorsChurch Ravens
PhotoFloSyria's Children
Alien NighthawksTigers in the Courtyard

Selected works from my Virtual Visions series, with the exception of the large abstract "Crystal Esch" at the end of the gallery.

The Tigers, was not only 3D, but animated as well. The foreground tiger's head follows you and the rear tiger dips it's paw in the water.

All of the works were backlit with LED panels. There was only one outlet in the gallery, so I had to improvise and found a battery pack, a motion sensor and a remote/dimmer, (all on Amazon). This allowed the batteries to last almost two weeks before needing changing.

I used my 3D printer to print a "blinder" I designed for the motion sensor, to limit it's view. Then I designed and printed battery holders for the back of the frame. Finally, I used the laser engraving module of the printer to engrave my signature on the aluminum tags.

Back of Frame with Battery Pack

The chess set I sculpted with Strata Design 3D, was also printed with my 3D printer.
<Church Ravens
A Few Works by Dan Scally from the Show.
A&B TilesB&W&Gold
Voodoo VogueVoodoo Vogue
ShatteredRust Never SLeeps

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