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Peter J. Sucy Digital Arts Newsletter December 2013 Issue
Hoodoos at Joshua Tree National Park

Dear Friends,

Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

The first few days of the shopping season seem to indicate an improving economy, as does the Stock Market and the ArtPrice Art Market Confidence Index.

An economic expert, recently suggested that we are transitioning from an Information economy to a Creative economy. That's good news, I'm hoping, for my new businesses!

The panorama above of a hoodoo formation in Joshua Tree National Park, was taken on a trip to Palm Springs last month. It was a rock photographer's paradise, I only wish I could have spent a few "Golden Hours" photographing there, but it was a long trip back to Palm Springs. I've begun posting a few images from the trip on my Fine Art America site.

A number of long term projects are nearing the late stages of production, so I felt an update was in order, even though it's only been a few months.

Production LED Backlit Displays

The production of ten "Multi-Dimensional Display Portals", for my 3D lenticular transparencies, is nearing completion. Chuck at Faro Industries has been crafting these units out of solid surface counter top material. (like Corian). The first few should be completed this week. I visited the shop a week ago and several complete sets of trim and bezels were complete in Bone and one in Mount Blanc. They look fantastic and will look even better with the black acrylic surround. There are photos on my Facebook page for Peter J. Sucy Digital Arts.

Display Trim
Display TrimDisplay Trim

These units will be used as photographic models for online auctions, exhibiting in shows, etc. I am expecting to have the first in the next week or so. As soon as I have a few completed, I plan to put some up for auction on ArtPrice.com and place a few in some of the major art shows next year.

New Studio Getting Closer

Construction of the new studio space for Peter J. Sucy Digital Arts/3D Wizardry Lenticular Design Works is entering the final phases. Sheet rock was delivered today so they will finish installing the rest of the windows soon. (sheet rock went in through the picture window on second floor). Sandy hopes to begin painting this weekend or next week. Next week we will have the carpet installed, ( I selected a commercial rug in a charcoal gray) and begin moving some stuff in before Christmas. Sandy gave the contractor's instructions to complete the studio first, that way she can regain the dining room and all other space I'm currently occupying in the rest of the house.

I plan to finish moving in by mid January, we'll see how that goes! I would like to have a Grand Opening week and have open house hours, possibly sometime in February or March. Stay tuned.

(edited 12/5/2013) I also plan to begin offering small or individual workshops on creating with 3D programs StrataDesign & Poser Pro, lenticular printing, 3D photographic capture, digital painting with Studio Artist and more. If you are interested send me an email and I'll customize a workshop for you.

New Addition w/Second FLoor Studio
Rendered pano (from above stairway) of how I envision the studio will look when finished.

Pano drywall Pano (from center of room) made Dec 4. 2013 of studio with drywalling partially completed.

You can view more photos of the construction process on my FaceBook Page.

Zero Gravity Work Pod - New $10 donor level!

We're still seeking additional funding to help build the prototype Work/Game Pod. I can probably swing the contractors cost to construct it, but the Zero Gravity Chair is a bit too much for me to justify at this time. Projects with a more urgent need such as outfitting a studio and completing the ten LED displays, have pretty much exhausted my personal funding capacity.

Xmas Pod

We have reached 6% of our goal of $2400, with just a bit more than two weeks to go. At the suggestion of one of my first backers, Matthew, I have created a new donor level and reward that I think will appeal to a different audience and help get the project funded. Matthew suggested offering a copy of the plywood layout and assembly instructions for those who are inclined to Do-It-Yourself. I thought it was a good idea since that demographic was not our target audience.

I've added a new donor level at $10. Donors contributing $10 (and donors at any level above) will be able to download a PDF with instructions, plywood layout and a license to build one Zero Gravity Work Pod. Please consider helping out by spreading the word or if possible donating at whatever level you feel comfortable with. Thank you!

Kickstarter Page

Just a Few More Weeks to Receive a 25% Discount from my Fine Art America, Print on Demand Service.

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Hoodoos at Joshua Tree National Park
welcome photography 3d lenticular art desk designs products digital history links

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