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"The Time Travelers" - 2008 - 3D Lenticular Transparency

Actual Stereo Views Used to Create 3D Image

The Time Travelerss 3D Animation

"The Time Travelers" - 2008

20"w x 14"h image in 27.5"w x 17.5"h x 3.5"
LED Backlit, Multi-Dimensional Display Portal with
Integral 5300 Degree K LED Light Panel

The Time Travelers 3D Transparency in LED Display

Display Trim Style
Trim Color
Acrylic Surround Color

Multi-Dimensional Display Portal

Displayed in the gif above are some of the designs being considered for the exhibition units and possibly in the final designs for the editions. Made almost exclusively of acrylic materials, I hope to use solid surface counter top materials for the accent pieces. The final colors I'm currently considering are a bone white, a mid gray granite and a black granite with fine white specs.

The same 3D virtual studios I used to create many of these 3D artworks also allowed me to experiment and design the perfect way to showcase my work. Utilizing the latest in ultra-thin LED technology, these futuristic displays significantly enhance the total 3D viewing experience.

Each Duratrans lenticular transparency is mounted on the front of the glass surround with a color coordinated bezel. A super bright, 5300 Degrees K, 8mm thin, LED panel is also mounted under the bezel, brilliantly illuminating the transparency. The image bezel appears to float in space while the 3D image appears to float in front of and behind the bezel and glass.

Fund-raising, to support building enough portals and printing enough transparencies for an exhibit, is about to begin on USAProjects.org. Sign up below to receive the latest on upcoming shows and releases.
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welcome photography 3d lenticular art desk designs products digital history links

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